Eastman Chemical Company is the leading world authority on co-polyesters. Both colorFabb and Eastman were looking for strong partners in their respective fields. Eastman is developing a product portfolio of raw materials for 3D printing, named Amphora. It has been an honor for us to be launching partner several times already: in 2014 at the 3D Print Show in London with colorFabb_XT made from Amphora AM1800 and in 2015 with our new nGen, made from Amphora AM3300.

In 2016 we launched the high temp colorFabb_HT and the semi-flexible nGen_FLEX together.

Our mutual aim is to bring functional and reliable 3D printing filaments to the market. You can find more information on Eastman's website and about the materials: https://colorfabb.com/materials-data/

You can find more about Amphora filaments here and here.