There are many ways to post process a really cool metal print. You can do it by hand, with a tumbler, etc. Some great articles have been written so far about post-processing materials like bronzeFill, copperFill, brassFill & steelFill:

Polishing with some basic DYI-tools

3Dhubs Talk on creating a Patina finish

Two articles by the Lulzbot team

One excellent blog by Nick Lievendag

Tony Short's colorFabb gift box and how he made it

Adafruit's instructional video

Some interesting blog posts about prints not made by us (we did write the blogs, which is the easy job):

Ancient Greek Helmet by Andreas Mielonen:

Fountain Pen by Rein van der Mast:

Huuuge Octolamp by Esteban Pacheco:

Please note: brassFill has been discontinued as per October 2018. More information: