We receive a lot of requests every day regarding sponsorship and free filaments. We cannot comply with all these requests although we aim to answer all emails that reach us personally. 

With so many demand we have to be selective about what we send to whom. Of course there are possibilities, but we have tested our filaments extensively in our print lab with 30+ printers already. If you want to review our filaments, please send us a highly motivated email with links to your social media channels for evaluation. Professional presentation and knowledge of 3D printing in previous accounts are a plus during our evaluation.

If you have a project you want us to sponsor a project, please present your proposition to us by email (not publicly via social media channels) and how our filaments can add to your project and what filaments you are looking for. We may request some cross promotional favor in return, so we can also publish about your project.

Commercial businesses are not eligible for sponsorship. For bulk purchases we can offer discounts though. Contact us for these opportunities.

We do not send free samples for testing. Samples are available in our webshop. If your requested material is not there as a sample, we will add this in due time. Making samples is mostly a manual job and depends on various factors.

Students, schools, universities and fablabs can apply for a educational discount (generally around 20%). More information here. For this you have to register in our webshop as a customer and inform us once you have done so so we can apply the discount to your account. 

The requests for scraps or slightly off-spec filament have reached us before but as colorFabb we will never send out a filament that does not comply with our quality standards, not even for free. 

For more information, please contact us at sales@colorfabb.com