Color on Demand is a new service by colorFabb that allows users to have their preferred color matched and produced, starting at 2kg minimum order quantity

Starting with RAL color references in PLA, this new service offers unique colors to be printed and to be ordered at a low MOQ. You will be able to order as from 2kg of filament in the color you need.

Due to a new innovative production method we are able to meet the immediate color needs of our users. This allows us to offer more colors than ever, whenever they are needed. 

Not looking for RAL color?

You can also request a certain color that has not been matched yet and we will start the process for you. We offer this service on spools containing 2kg of filament (the MOQ) or pellets (MOQ 2kg). You will also be able to order a color plaque to approve the color first before ordering a spool.

You can read the full blog post here.