We make our own filaments, we choose our own colors, we test them ourselves, we make prints with them every day and we are very critical of every aspect of our production and logistic process. We keep complete quality control in-house by extensive testing in our own print lab with approx. 20 3D printers.

We also regularly release new exciting materials. Functionality and quality are key here. We listen to our customers and want to stay on top of our game when it comes to material development. 

We love 3D printing and it's in our DNA. We test all our filaments in our own print lab (30+ printers running daily) and are our own and maybe most critical customer. We publish our settings and have a very active support desk. We help you to decide on the right filament before you buy it and help you to get the settings right after you bought it, if needed.

You can see a company video here: 

Also, the website 3D printing for beginners did a nice write up of their visit to us in November 2015. You can find their article here..